Interview with Kitguru

KitGuru visited Ian ‘8Pack’ Parry at Overclockers UK to answer the burning questions of the day;

what exactly do you get when you spend between £3,000 and £12,000 on a gaming PC and why doesn’t he use AMD graphics cards? The answer to the first question is

‘Many, many GigaHertz’ and to the second is ‘Have you seen our new Meteoroid with Radeon R9 Fury X?’

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8Pack Approved Gaming Bundle

8Pack Gaming Bundle
8Pack, the world class renowned overclocker has created an incredible gaming bundle, this bundle is not only super fast, but also great value for money!

The choice of the gamer has always been i5 K unlocked edition as it has both the clock and core speeds to play all of the games to the max. This bundle smashes Skylake and motherboard vendors have finally been able to unlock BCLK overclocking for non-K Skylake chips. With the help of the world’s number one overclocker, this has enabled us to bring you a superb value dual-core gaming bundle with a rock solid 4.4GHz overclock!

This Bundle has been developed in house at Overclockers UK to provide end users with a safe, reliable and fast base for any powerful system. Ian ‘8Pack’ Parry has approved the use of every component in this bundle to ensure that it not only meets the expectations of our customers but it exceeds them in every way.

As an introductory offer there is FREE DPD Next Day delivery, so no shipping costs are involved, not only that, the bundle has also been discounted, with a starting price of £329.95. Included in the bundle is an ASUS Z170-E motherboard, i5 6400 processor, 8GB DDR4 HyperX Fury memory, and a Alpenfohn cooler. See more information on the bundle here.

Over 10 World Records!

8Pack has broken many world records on HWBot, the latest 10 scores on the homepage are filled with 8Pack’s scores!

Gaining four of most prestigious 4-Way graphics card world records and two single card world records!

8Pack used MSIs GTX 980Ti Lightnings to smash the records, along with Thermal Grizzly compound and der8auer’s Fusion LN2 pots, all powered by the incredible 8Pack 2000W PSU!

Check the scores here:

KFA2 980 Ti HOF Air Review 8Pack style!

KFA2 have been making world record breaking GPU for several generations now. There 780 Ti HOF was by far the fastest 780 Ti on the market dominating 3D mark score boards on the Bot and Future marks own site. Since this ground breaking product the 980 HOF and 980 HOF 8Pack version performed in the same vein with at one stage 980 HOF holding all world records on HWbot.

When I received my test ES 980 Ti HOF back at Computex I was very excited by the product. Great power delivery and efficiency enabling me to take 3D mark 11 WR and Heaven WR using Ln2 cooling. The product oozing quality I had no qualms in recommending it for enthusiasts of elite tier hardware.

When the production 980 Ti HOF came into stock I could not wait to try one and show the forums what its capable of. First of all we have the look of the product. The distinctive white PCB, robust 3 fan 2.5 slot cooling solution and substantial white back plate all not only perform great as I will show later but look truly awesome. End users considering this card should note only two card SLI is possible on stock cooler as its too wide to cram cards close together in TRI SLI or above. For three way SLI plus KFA2 have a card with retrofitted waterblocks which handle this config perfectly. This seems sensible on there behalf as often anything over two way is often overheating on any air cooling solutions.

Read my full review of the graphics card here.